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Country Crafts & Flowers
All Your Craft Needs Can Be Found Here At County Crafts and Flowers! You will enjoy stopping in to browse through our wide selection of craft supplies, finished and unfinished shelves and cutouts. Also, it will give you a chance to meet Granny and Grandpa or Great Granny and Grandpa! They always enjoy having company stop by.
Oak Shelves - Finished and Unfinished
Custom Orders are Welcome!
Sconces, Paper Towel Holders, Curling Iron and Hair Dryer Holders, Paper Plate Holders, Mail Holders, Gold Ball Holders, Plate Holders, Corner Shelves, Quilt Racks, Coat Racks. Also Available - Flowers, Swags, Craft Supplies, Votive Cups, Gifts, Angels, Clocks and Wreaths

Unfinished Woods
Unfinished Woods
Oak, Poplar, Maple, Brackets, Spindles, Hand Rails, Wood Parts, Dowels (any size, Plaques, Wood Crafts and Cutouts

Beautiful Hand-Crafted Ceramic Dolls