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Coat Racks
Hang your coats, hats and scarves on this beautifully handcrafted coat hanger made from solid red oak. Hooks are porcelain and brass. Measures 36" long x 6" wide - $36.95 plus shipping and handling.

Trash Cans and Tator & Onion Bins
Trash Cans and Tator & Onion Bins are available finished or unfinished. Custom Orders for plain lids. Trash Cans measure 27½" x 14½" x 14½" square
Tator & Onion Bins measure 25" x 10½" x 11½" - $35.95 plus shipping and handling

Handcrafted Anchors
Our handcrafted anchors are just one of the many nautical crafts available. Anchor measu