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We carry Flight and Mechanic Coveralls fron $14.99 and up. M-65 Field Jackets (New & Used) in Woodland Camo, Tiger Stripes, Black, Sky Blue Camo, Urban Camo and O.D. Green. Looking for Y-Suspenders? We have them too, in New and Used, and in Black, O.D., and Camo from $6.99 - $14.99.

Military Necessities
See our wide selection of E-Tools (Both U.S. & German.) We carry Canteens (new & used from $4.99), Pots and Pans, Portable Stoves, Entrenching Tools of all types from $12.99 and up, and much, much more. If you want the lowest prices in the business, call today!
more necessities

More Necessities
Necessities We have all the best in Web Belts, Dress Web Belts, Ammo Belts, Ammo Boxes for 30 Caliber at $3.50, 50 Caliber at $4.99, and 20 MM at $11.99, D3A Trigger Finger Mittens ($14.99 and up), Ammo Pouches, Suspenders. We have Tents (Pup & G.P. and Camouflaged.) Rain Gear O.D. Ponchos at $24.99(NEW), Camo $31.99(NEW) and used Rain Gear at $12.00 and up. Parkas and Pants in O.D. and Camo from $10.00 - $40.00. Our selectio