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Everyone Loves A Doll Especially Beautiful Porcelain Dolls!
Our Dolls are molded from the finest porcelain available and artistically hand painted and the clothing is all hand sewn and specifically designed for each doll. Our dolls range in height from 14 inches to 38 inches. We also carry Doll Kits, Doll Supplies, Bears, Radio Flyers and Curio Cabinets.

Wedding Doll This beautiful Bride Doll is one of our finest dolls. She stands 31 inches in height in her beautiful gown of lace. Her hat is made of feathers and lace, delicately designed to accent the mood of romance. She is truly an exquisite treasure.

Bears - Bears - Bears
BearsWe carry the complete line of Kimbearly Originals with Numbered ID Tags. These delightful bears have resin faces and are so adorable. We carry over 200 pieces.

We also carry the complete line of Cottage Collectables, in over 200 pieces! Annette Funicello Collectible Bears are found here - over 30 varieties. You will want to stop by and see our collection of Raikes Collectibles and Gantz Bears.

baby dolls Don't these baby dolls just