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Clear Case of Ingenuity
Sports CasesThere is an old saying, "need is the mother of invention," and so is the case Specialty Plastic Fabrications (SPF). Located in booths 2-8 of building 1-A Traders World, SPF designs and builds custom display cases to fit individual needs.

All cases are wall mountable, free standing and stackable. Options for backs are acrylic mirror, or colors white and black.

Sports Cases
"We make just about anything anybody wants out of acrylic." We customize cases exactly to customer specs. The transparent acrylic cases allow items to be clearly displayed at a home or business, while at the same time protecting the valued possession from dust and other elements.

Barbie CasesAvailable in any size and shape, shoppers can either browse the selection SPF has readily available or provide dimensions and have a case made-to-order. There are cases for football helmets, footballs, other game balls, collector cars, cereal boxes, Holiday Barbies (singles or multiples) and larger collector dolls. You name it, we can make a case for it.

Beanie Baby CasesOne of the "HOTTEST" cases in demand are for Beanie Babies. " We make those in about a dozen varieties and sizes, up to 7 feet long, and holding up to 250 Beanie Babies. Those and Barbie cases are difficult to keep on hand because it seems that as soon as we bring these cases into the shop, customers are buying them and carrying them back out.

With dealers all over the nation, and demand for cases constantly increasing, SPF has recently moved its manufacturing operation. We just moved into a 12,000 square foot factory, which is about 5 times bigger than what we've been using. NASCAR CASES

After less than one year in business, to what does Brickner credit his business' popularity? What we do is original... it's unique. We're simply providing something that people need.

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