Valentine’s Day
Chocolate will be handed out to 100 shoppers.
The Easter Bunny visits Traders World.
Closed Easter Sunday
Mothers Day
Apple Pie Giveaway.
Apple pies will be given to 100 mothers!
Win Red tickets!
May and June – Cincinnati Reds tickets give away.
Fathers Day
Pecan Pie Giveaway.
Pecan pies will be given to 100 fathers!
Win Bengals tickets!
August and September – Bengals tickets give away.
Ocktoberfest and Halloween Celebration
Visit the witch and each child gets a toy.
Three holiday shopping days at Traders World and
Santa Claus arrives from the North Pole!
Fun Bucks Giveaway
$100 will be given out every hour, 10am to 4pm every day, Thanksgiving through Christmas.
Santa Claus visits from the North Pole!
November 29th through December 21st

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