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Before A Thing Called Time

Beyond the expanse of the universe
before there was a thing called Time.
No stars, no worlds, no nothing
just a Pillar of Cloud sublime.

God dwelt alone with His Attributes
Of Peace and Love and Grace.
He thought of you and me before
there was even a human race.

God First created the angels
To worship at His feet.
He then created Lucifer
at first he seemed so sweet.

But God had placed iniquity
within his cherub's heart.
Along with a third of the angels
so that they would all depart.

The adversary fell
and down to earth they came.
Void and without form
it was the result of their shame.

They set up headquarters
in the darkness of the deep.
These vessels of destruction
would make many mothers weep.

God created stars
and moons and suns and light.
He put them all over Heaven
to separate the night.

He looked on His creation
and said that it was good.
But He knew He'd destroy all
by bringing about a flood.

He picked up a clump of mud
said this will be My Son.
And out of the miry clay
Adam first was born.

It is not well said Adam
that I should live alone.
He went to sleep and then woke up
and found Eve fully grown.

Oh, they were so happy
in their garden of bliss.
The expressed their love with their eyes
there was no need to kiss.

A fiancée so perfect
I trust her Adam said.
I'll give here all the liberty
she'll take me as her head.

But Satan had been working
perverting the animal race.
He developed his Mr. Serpent
he looked like man in the face.

He walked upright, very tall,
was handsome as could be.
Around the Garden of Eden
he was known as Mr. Tree.

You can eat of every tree
Adam told his mate.
But don't touch that evil tree
he really is a snake.

Eve left on her own
she set out to discover.
She got too close to that tree,
it was too late to recover.

Mr. Serpent saw his chance
as naked as a lie.
Eve tried to act confident
but Mr. Serpent was too sly.

He struck up a conversation
He asked her "Hath God said?"
"I can take care of myself," she bragged
not knowing where that thought led.

I can eat any fruit
I can touch any tree.
But the one in the middle of Eden
I've been commanded to flee.

For the day that I touch it
that day will I die.
God told me so
and God cannot lie.

"God wants you to be like Him,
He is a creator."
You'll know right from wrong.
You'll be even greater.

Your eyes will be opened.
You'll experience pleasure.
The number of your children
will be beyond measure.

I'll race you to that apple tree
that's all you have to eat.
But they never made it to that tree
the seduction was complete.

So it was the pair on the ground
and not the apple in the tree,
that produced murderers on Earth,
like Can, and you and me.

Eve felt so ashamed
yet strangely elated.
She brought the news to Adam
who dutifully awaited.

She told him what she did
and showed him the instructions.
Adam stepped out from behind God's Word
to save his wife from destruction.

Now they both were ashamed
and knew that they were bare,
they hid themselves with fig leaves.
She covered her chest with her hair.

Then God walked through the Garden
in the cool of the day.
Calling Adam, where are you?
Then He heard Adam say:

I knew I was naked
and hid myself in the trees.
"Who told you you were naked?
Have you ignored My pleas?"

It was the woman that you gave me
I couldn't let her die.
I united with her
to cover the serpent's lie.

What is this you have done?
God asked the wife.
"The serpent hypnotized me.
Now I must lose my life."

"Cursed be the serpent.
He'll crawl on his belly.
If dust he wants to eat.
I'll give him plenty.

As for the woman
Her desire will be for pleasure.
Her husband will rule over her.
She will be his treasure.

Her reproductive organs
are cursed beyond compare.
Once a month she'll ovulate
instead of once a year.

God killed a pair of lambs
and spread their skins over Adam.
He did the same for Eve
the blood dripping on the ground.

This blood will cover your nakedness
for now it's sufficient.
Someday I'll lift your curse
with Christ's blood magnificent.

And as for my son Adam,
I'll curse the ground he works.
No longer will he get free meals
he will have no more perks.


I'll drive you from my garden
and soon you will die.
But before you do you will give birth
and continue to multiply.

Satan meant it for evil
but I'll use it for good.
I'll display my attributes
of Love, and Peace, and fatherhood.

I'll make Myself another Son
I'll be with Him, even in Him.
And I'll die for you on a cross
I'll pay the price of sin.

So Adam was driven from his garden
a seraph's sword behind him.
He settled down with his wife
to work the ground around him.

Then Eve gave birth to a son named Cain
and said, "The Lord has blessed."
"Yeah right," said Adam to his wife
as he looked down at that evil face.

Then Eve gave birth to a son named Abel,
a late twin of his brother.
Adam recognized his son
and so did Abel's mother.

The boys grew up in their parents' house
Then came the time of dedication.
Each boy offered a sacrifice
according to his revelation.

Cain's sacrifice was excellent,
he brought his first fruits in.
He believed it was an apple
that exposed the world to sin.

But Abel's was even more excellent.
He dragged in a little lamb.
With a jagged rock he cut it's throat
the blood gushed forth like a dam.

God accepted Abel's gift
and consumed it on the alter.
But to Cain and his offering
He would consider no further.

Then Cain realized his sin was
from the serpent, his father.
The blood was mixed with animal
and he was doomed, why bother?

Then God gave Cain a choice
be good to your little brother.
Rule over him in this life
you'll be in heaven and not the other.

But Cain was wroth with God
to predestinate such a condition.
He lured his brother into the brass
and beat him into submission.

Then he took his knife
and raised his face to the solar.
If blood you want, blood you'll get
and cut his brothers jugular.

"Cain, Cain, where is thy brother, Abel?"
God asked Cain this question.
I don't know, am I his keeper?
Was all that Can could mention.

Your brother's blood cries up to me
from off the ground it spattered.
Now you are cursed in the whole earth
as if to you it really mattered.

This is more than I can bear
and all my generations
We'll be killed wherever we go
by godly seed from every nation.

I will place a mark on you
and hide you from their sight,
Until the time of Harvest
at about the evening light.

Then you'll be uprooted
as my wheat will be gathered,
Unto everlasting life
but you'll be burned and scattered.

Then Cain took his sisters
and dwelt in the land of Nod.
Many sons and daughters
were born before the flood.

Then the sons of God saw the daughters of Cain,
they really looked good naked.
So they took wives and mixed the seed
and until today Cain was hated.

Now the sons of Cain engulfed the race
and almost stamped out Adam's brethren.
They built a living computer,
a tower that reached the heavens.

But God came down and scattered their tongues.
They no longer could relate.
He dispersed them across the world
they couldn't even communicate.

Then God's seed was stamped out
all except for eight.
Noah was found to be perfect seed,
Righteous sons are great.

God said build an Arc,
make it really big.
I'm going to float you across
while I destroy these pigs.

God let Noah preach
a hundred years or more.
Then he sent Noah inside the Arc
and closed the heavy door.

Not one convert was made during that time.
But when it started to rain
they pounded on the door, and
they beat upon the window pain.

The waves lifted the Arc
and carried them away.
Up to Mount Arrerat
then the rains began to stay.

They emptied out the Arc
and walked out on dry land.
Noah and his family
with the animals at hand.

Now Noah god depressed
when he came down off the mountain,
He began to drink wine,
he drank as from a fountain.

His grandson found him drunk
as naked as could be.
He sneaked into his tent
and committed sodomy.

When Noah finally awoke,
he knew what had been done. He cursed Canaan as before
and left his seed undone.

How did a serpent's seed
ever get across the waves.
It's all in predestination
Thank God that you are saved.

The serpent's seed filled the earth again
all the way to Abraham.
He came out of Ur of the Caldese
and wandered through the land.

Abraham have I loved.
Abimelech have I hated.
God struck Abimelech with plagues
until his desire for Sarah was abated.

Abimelech gave Abraham treasures
and sent him on his way.
Together with his beautiful wife
She was only ninety three.

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