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God had changed their bodies
to receive a promised son.
For many years they waited
until Isaac was finally born.

Then Isaac got Rebecca
together they had Esau.
The late twin Jacob
loved to cook the bean sauce.

But Jacob have I loved
and Esau I have hated.
Esau sold his birth right
for bean sauce to be sated.

Then Jacob ran from Esau
that serpent seed was smoking.
He rested at his uncle's house
and found his daughters working.

Everyone hated Jacob
he sole to satisfy his soul.
When he was hungry
and restored seven fold.

He married both those girls
their maids were share to boot.
Together he had ten sons,
the Jewish races roots.

Then Joseph have I loved
his brothers have I hated.
They put him in a hole
sold to the heathen his life was fated.

He ended up in prison
and met a butler and a baker. They both had strange dreams
he inquired of his Maker.

God said, "The butler have I loved,
the baker I have hated."
Before these days are up
hanging by his neck he's fated.

Then the butler forgot Joseph
until on day the Pharaoh
had strange dreams all night
and sat upon his pillow.

The butler said, "I know a man
who can tell the dream to Pharaoh.
They called for Joseph in the prison
he had around him a halo.

"You dreams are clear," he said
"get ready for a famine."
"You'll save the lives of many men
if you store all the grain."

"Take care of it, yourself." He said.
"No better man than you."
Joseph became head of state
and ruled all Egypt, too.

Joseph's brothers came for grain,
he pretended not to know them
They recognized neither
their brother nor the omen.

They sent for their father
and little Benjamin, too
Joseph longed for a meeting
he was the brother he never knew.

The all settled in Goshen
and multiplied abroad.
Both Jews and Egyptians,
serpent seed and child of God.

Now Pharaoh saw a problem.
The Jews became so many.
He knew their race was growing,
so he slaughtered kids a-plenty.

But he could not kill the seed of God
Moses' mother hid him
They only killed the serpent seed.
Satan's own out did them.

After four hundred years
God remembers His Promise.
He sent Moses to deliver
a people from their bondage.

But Moses have I loved
Pharaoh have I hated.
God hardened Pharaoh's heart
so Moses Pharaoh bear baited.

Then Moses spoke up flies and frogs
and hail and wind and fire.
It wasn't until God killed Pharaoh's son
that Pharaoh began to tire.

Then Moses crossed the Sea of Blood
was baptized in the water.
His people followed after him
not one of them would falter.

Now Pharaoh saw his chance.
He pushed his chariots onward
God's angels plucked the wheels away
his men were all discomfited.

The waters came back over
and drowned the host beneath them.
The enemy disappeared,
there arose a victorious anthem.

Then Moses led the people
out across the desert.
He went up to see God
on the mountain side westward.

God wrote on slates of stone
His commandments of ten.
But they were breaking them all
at the valley dig-a-shin.

Stand back Moses
I'll destroy them in a flash.
They are serpent seed anyway
nothing more than trash.

Then destroy me too,
interceded Moses.
He stood in the gap
as God he opposed.

God harkened to the voice of Moses
mystery of enigmas.
How God could let mortal men
become His equals.

But he led them from the Promised place
around and around in circles.
They tempted him beyond measure
and Moses took their hurtles.

Out of three million only two
would see the Promise Land.
Joshua and Caleb
led them over Jordan

The Rahab hath God Loved
Jericho have I hated.
She tied a scarlet string around
her families tower so blatant.

The walls came down
all but the tower.
Rahab was saved
to become a bouquet flower.

But it wasn't Joshua's plan
to save some Jericho prostitute.
She believe the messengers
and not Jericho's institute.

Now David hath God loved
and the Philistines He hated.
God destroyed Absalom
with the concubines he mated.

The seed of God descended
down to a virgin named Mary.
She was elected
the only women the Word to carry.

Herod got the message
a Messiah should now be here.
He began the slaughter
and killed the children everywhere.


But he only killed his own
the Messiah escaped to Egypt.
Not one seed of God in a womb
has every been destroyed.

Now John knew his job
to introduce the Messiah.
He came out of the woods
to the Jews he was a Pariah.

Jesus preached for three plus years,
millions of them followed.
But only 120 were left
in the room the Holy Ghost Hallowed.

Billions of serpent seed
and God's anointed they could not destroy.
God raised Him from the tomb
the devoted were deployed.

So Jesus did God love
and Judas God had hated.
It is the same today
as the serpent seed is paraded.

Jesus sets before you
An open door of Grace.
But only seeds of God
know their time and place.

Three thousand were baptized
when they heard Peter's words.
"This is that" and nothing else
will save you from this world.

Are there three thousand left
in this unbelieving world?
Look around you, friend
there's nothing left but burl.

So choose you this day
whom you will serve.
If you are serpent seed
you haven't got the nerve.

Satan has you bound
the strong man overpowered you.
You are his, you belong to him
God has disowned you.

Now Saul was on the road
to kill all who defy,
The law of death and shame
of the serpents subtle lie.

All at once a great light,
the Pillar of Fire
Knocked him from his horse
into a funeral pyre.

His old soul was burned
his new one was reborn.
Annanias went to see him
baptizing in Jesus' name.

God renamed him Paul
and sent him forth to preach.
He withstood the Jews
the Holy Ghost did teach.

That bulls and goats on fire
will not cleanse you from your sin.
But the baptism of the Holy Ghost
will allow Jesus in.

And so they cast him out
but Peter they retained.
The Paul accosted Peter
said you ought to be ashamed.

Stop hanging out with Jews
around the circumcised.
They are of the serpent seed
God shows he has despised.

God sent Romans to Peter
dressed all military.
He told Peter they were clean
don't be so contrary.

Hear evangelicals
ye worship ye know not what.
We Pentecostals worship Jesus
in spirit and in truth.

For God is a Spirit
and those who worship Him.
Must by the Holy Ghost
receive a new baptism.

Be submersed in Jesus' name
and not a bunch of titles
It will kill the old soul
a new one now is vital.

Hear O Pentecostals
ye worship ye know what's fun.
But the bride knows the 'Word Made Flesh'
is not an unknown tongue.

Paul have I loved
Alexander have I hated.
He withstood Paul's doctrine
the Jews egos he inflated.

Then Paul preached at Ephesus
with signs and wonders following
He did not come with clever quotes
from an old testament glowering.

He was the Word made flesh
God to the Gentiles.
Just as Moses to the Jews
that descended from Jacob's lentils.

Then John rose up
the Patmos Prophet mighty.
He carried the Word through the land
the end time visions citing.

Iraneous, Columba, Martin
they were all great prophets.
The Word was carried through the age
of a thousand years of darkness.

Then Luther burst upon the scene
a mighty church reformer.
He threw the Catholic Church a curve
now the battle fires are warmer.

Now Wesley was a preacher
who combed the country out.
Looking for the sanctified
who were not afraid to shout.

William Marion Branham
turned the church world upside down.
With signs and wonders following
God vindicated that the World was bound.

In organizational creeds and dogmas,
the devil's counterfeit
of God's Eternal Word
He'd have none of it.

For an Angel of the Lord
spoke from a whirling bush.
Don't drink or smoke or defile yourself
He didn't have to say "don't cuss."

God's Prophet began to heal
to deliver and to save.
He could see the future
of the world and it was grave.

God had His picture taken
with the Prophet many times.
Beelzabub! Is what they said,
but the light struck the lens.

The same God who tells me
who it is who will be healed.
Is the same God when preaching
tells me the mystery revealed.

Then Brother Branham died
killed by a drunken driver,
What about the message,
will it really deliver?

Then the Pillar of Fire came
into the house of Childers
Revealed the Message of this hour
his children were no longer bewildered.

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